Measure at Home

How to measure your child's feet at home during Covid-19

To measure your child's feet at home, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the paper foot measuring gauge
  2. Print the gauge at 100% (do not scale or fit to page)
  3. Remove the width measure by cutting along the dotted line
  4. Place the page on a hard floor (we advise to sellotape it tightly to the floor)
  5. Place your child's foot on to the paper gauge.
  6. Make sure their heel lines up with the thick line.
  7. Make sure they are standing normally and toes are fully stretched out.
  8. Write down the exact mm measurement at their big toe.
  9. Repeat for the other foot.
  10. Instructions to take the width measurement are also included on the guide.
  11. Send us the mm measurements
  12. We will advise on sizing as the various brands all tend to fit differently.

Please note we will advise on sizing as best we can but it is not an exact science. A measurement is just a starting point and a guide only. The fit of the shoe will depend on the brand, the style of shoe and most importantly the shape of your child's foot. Ultimately the only way to check if shoes fit correctly is to try them on.


If you don't have a printer at hand at home, there is an alternative method that you can use. All you need is an A4 sheet of paper, a pen and a ruler. You can view the instructions here.

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